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ESET Virtualization Security for VMware vShield

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ESET Virtualization Security for VMware vShield

  • Agentless security for VMware vShield
  • Deploys via appliance
  • Optimized for high performance
  • Light footprint – won’t slow down your VMs

Agentless security solution for VMware environments

By leveraging vShield Endpoint technology protecting compatible hypervisors is as simple as using ESET Virtualization Security Appliance.

The solution is natively compatible with ESET Remote Administrator 6, ESET’s web-based console for rapid task execution and complete endpoint security management.

vMotion supported
When VMs are moved from one host where the solution is installed to a different host where ESET Virtualization is installed, the VM keeps its security settings and remains protected.

vCenter supported
The information displayed in ESET Remote Administrator is the same as in the vCenter. It also simplifies deployment, as all components can be deployed using a tool which connects to the VMware vCenter.

Optimized for high performance
ESET's scanning engine is well known for its low system demands and high speed, thus leaving more resources for other applications and processes. In combination with support of vMotion optimum performance from the whole virtual environment is ensured.

Remote management
The solution is fully manageable via ESET Remote Administrator. Physical and virtual machines are managed from a single point, allowing role-based management and a "look & see" web-console dashboard with drill-down capabilities that can be used to execute any action that is required.

Easy deployment
Once ESET Remote Administrator – which comes as a virtual appliance too – is installed, ESET Virtualization Security Appliances can be deployed on multiple hosts at once, making overall deployment of a complete security solution easy and fast.

Low system demands
All on-access and on-demand scanning tasks are offloaded via VMware tools to a centralized scanner inside ESET Virtualization Security Appliance, effectively preventing AV storms and performance issues.

System Requirements

  • Virtual appliance compatible with VMware vSphere 5.0+

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